Website development

A website to represent your product, service or company? Optimized for all devices?

Website development

The website is a reflection of your personality on the internet

If you want to run a successful business and compete on the market, you must take into account the exponential growth of internet service users. If you take a closer look at this fact, you will soon come to the conclusion that the realization of your business goal is almost unthinkable without a series of options, possibilities and functions made possible by a well-made website.

Having a website gives you the opportunity to create your company’s identity, which contributes to its reputation. In addition to the fact that a well-made website contributes to the company’s reputation, your personal business reputation also rises to a higher level.

Why do you need a website?

As already mentioned, the website is your virtual business space where your potential clients come. How much effort, time and money are you ready to invest in your online business space?

The population of IT literate people is growing. When you need to get some information, you will first look for it on the Internet via a computer or mobile phone. Offers, prices, quality of products and services are compared online, just as you are currently doing.

Most of the population does all their communication over the Internet. If you do not have a website where you have posted information about yourself, your company or your services and products, all these people will not find out about you and are not your potential clients.

Hosting of websites and emails

The price of web and mail hosting is not included in the price of creating websites. Each client has the option of setting up websites either on external hosting, not necessarily in RedCode, or with us. The price of hosting basic websites and e-mails is from €30.00 per year on our servers, which we carefully monitor and which are scalable.

Scalable servers give you, as a user, an additional level of dynamism. You only pay for what you actually use, and the servers will allocate as many resources to your web pages as they need at a given moment, even when that need significantly exceeds the leased performance.

Regarding the physical infrastructure itself, our servers are located on Google’s platforms, and thus we get a really high level of reliability.

Additional features for websites

Additional Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - Optimization of page titles, optimization of subpage descriptions and optimization of page paths (URLs).

Setting up the Google Analytics code (for tracking visits) - It is set up so that you can monitor the site visits, see how long users stayed on the website, how many pages they opened before leaving the page, how many users return to the page , from which device they accessed, from which country they come and many other data.

Contact form - A form through which users can send an inquiry directly from the website to the chosen e-mail address of the site owner.

Setting up a Google map - An interactive Google map that points to the headquarters or branch office of a company or trade.

Setting up a Google My Business profile - Display your business on the right side of Google search when users search for services, products, you or a business similar to yours.

Multilingual - The ability to view the website in another world language so that users from other countries can understand what you want to say.

Website and content optimization - Optimization of the structure of the website, optimization of the size and quality of images on the website so that the website opens as quickly as possible and users wait as little as possible for it to open.

Setting up a basic Google Ads campaign - If you have just started doing business, of course you want to be seen by as many users as possible. Paid internet marketing in the form of a Google Ads campaign will do exactly what you expect.

AMP - Google’s technology with the help of which the highest page opening speeds are achieved, which was created to speed up web loading page on mobile devices, and brings acceleration on computers as well.

SEO optimization of content (images and photos) or advanced SEO - Adding an SEO description to images and photos serves as an auxiliary tool for attracting potential users through Google image search and optimization of titles and subtitles according to SEO rules.

Internet marketing (Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube)- If the basic Google Ads campaign is not enough for you or you want to advertise through other services like Facebook, Instagram or YouTube, you can see what we offer

Newsletter - If you want to inform your customers about new products or services on offer or products on sale, the simplest solution is to send them a notification to their e-mail address.

Our approach

Our approach to websites and creating websites is first and foremost responsive, as well as are the websites we create. Why? The cheapest product of all that we offer would be the basic START website package. The most expensive product that we can create can also be websites. Admittedly, custom-made websites with hand-designed every detail, with optimizations bordering on the impossible. With a large amount of interactions with external services such as booking or ERP or DMS. We have been creating some of the most complex websites for more than a year. In such systems, what the end user sees is only 10% or even less. Websites are still the most common product we deliver and at the same time the simplest and most demanding.

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    Making an offer is an important part of business that determines whether the job will be awarded to us or to the competition. Most of our offers are labeled as "business secrets" because the offer lists all the steps, components, and functionalities that a particular project requires. In order for the offer to contain exactly what the client wants and needs, it is important to thoroughly work through each step. The seriousness of the inquiry is also a factor that defines our seriousness regarding the approach to making the offer.

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    Programming is what the client expects from the very beginning. Our programmers are truly top-notch and program at the highest level with the fulfillment of the previous conditions - that they are 100% defined what they need to program. Programmers will test every line of code and point out any illogicalities they have encountered. In this part, all previous steps will be revised, and if necessary, corrected and presented to the client with explanations. Assuming that all the steps that precede the programming of a mobile application or website or web application are well done, the result should be above average.

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    Testing (QA)

    Quality testing of a mobile application or any other digital product is usually performed by the client and their team, but it is also possible to contract testing as a separate service from our side as a provider. We conduct tests through automated tests and manual tests. Automated tests will find functional bugs but will not detect issues that reduce the quality of the user experience - so-called UX. Professional testing is often considered an unnecessary cost, but it always turns out to have been necessary in the end.

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    Post-launch phase

    A mobile or web application, website, or something else is finally in production and being used by the first users. You might think that the job is done, but quite the opposite. First - few people know about the new application or website, and second - the first reactions of users appear and slowly, but surely, ideas for upgrades, optimizations, and the need for marketing arise. Technology is also constantly changing, trends are changing. Most of our clients work with us on a long-term basis.

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    Content is definitely the most important item on websites. Aggressive marketing will position websites well only in the short term. Even a good technical SEO result produced by some analysis tools will not help. Your website simply needs to be interesting and rich in content. With mobile applications, the position and idea of the application is a bit different, with the idea of the application being the top priority. When we do marketing campaigns for clients, we make sure that all elements are balanced so that marketing has a positive long-term impact on the entire business. Short-term "click" purchases are not the goal.

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    During the analysis of the client's needs, we already consider the maintenance and sustainability of the system. If the system is simple and will not be significantly upgraded, it does not require maintenance within about 5 years because we will use robust and long-lasting technologies in its development. We have systems in our portfolio from 2018 that still work without any intervention. If the system is complex and simply needs to be developed on the latest technologies, optimization can help by developing system components, reducing maintenance to interventions on individual components, thus maximizing the rationalization of maintenance costs.

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