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Sport Volunteers

Mobile application for volunteers and organizers of sports competitions from all over Europe

Volunteers at sports competitions and organizers of sports events lacked a central system that would connect them at the level of the whole of Europe, regardless of the type of sport or language area. The EU co-financed the project because it recognized the need, and the City of Zagreb positioned itself as the project leader.

Sport Volunteers mobile application

The mobile application consists of two parts. Part for volunteers and part for organizations or organizers. When registering, it is necessary to state whether you are registering as an organization or as a volunteer.


The volunteer’s user account is active immediately after registration, and after entering all the profile data, volunteers can register for various sports events. The mobile application on the volunteer side for the notification system uses notifications within the application itself, enriched with e-mail notifications for successful application for participation, for requests from the organizers to participate in the event, for rejected requests, for changes related to the sports event itself and the like.

Events for which a volunteer can apply are searched for via an interactive Google map, and by clicking on the event icon itself, details such as the language of communication, whether volunteers from other countries can also apply, the dates and times of the event, and finally there is the possibility to apply for participation.


After registering in the mobile application, the organizer needs to get approval from the administrator in order for his profile to become fully active. This check is set so that individuals or organizations do not abuse the system.

Once the organizer is fully activated, he can create a sports event in the application itself, view the volunteer database, request participation from volunteers in the database, manage volunteer requests for participation in the event, manage the event itself by editing the event, view volunteer profiles along with their experience and such.

CMS management system

For the City of Zagreb, a system for managing the mobile application itself has been developed, through which volunteers can be managed, added, banned, and create accounts for them. They Can Manage sports events with the greatest authority if the need arises and manage the organizers of sports events.

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