DŠR "SPORTSKA SUBOTA", Čakovec, Croatia


Mobile application design and mobile application we created for an international handball tournament organized by a local handball club

A mobile application that was made in a hurry, but with a heart for a noble cause and of which we are extremely proud. It is likely that the users of the application recognized the same and as a result it took first place in the App Store and Google Play in the sport category and remained there for several days.

Given that the planning of the mobile application, the design, the creation of the database and the programming of the mobile application were done in less than ten days, of course there are a few minor errors. In the versions for the year 2022, 2023 and each subsequent one that we will have the privilege to work on, we will correct existing defects and generally upgrade the mobile application with new functionalities.

The initial version of the mobile application contains a management system (CMS) through which administrators can

  • Create and edit teams
  • Create and edit categories
  • Create and edit groups
  • Create and edit the transportation schedule from and to the match locations
  • Create and manage the schedule of matches according to Berger’s scheme with the Playoff phase of the competition
  • Broadcast the match live through the results and/or video transmission
  • Enter and manage the results of the matches according to which the system creates the order and defines the pairs of the next stage of the competition
  • Manage tournament locations
  • …  

to follow the progress of the handball tournament Mobile application users have an overview

  • mobile application title screen with a list of important segment icons
  • overview of the schedule and results by category
  • overview of the schedule and results of the competition by group stage or playoff
  • live match monitoring
  • overview of the details of the locations where the tournament is held within the sports mobile application
  • overview of the tables and results by category during the group phase of the competition
  • overview of the tables and results by category during the playoff phase of the competition
  • the possibility of selecting teams that are the user’s favorite (favorites) and monitoring their progress through the screen of the mobile application called Favorites
  • overview of the complete program by day for the entire tournament duration
  • overview of general information
  • an overview of individual teams and their schedule throughout the competition
  • direct access to the tournament website at

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