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Nk Novakovec

Mobile app we built to manage all aspects of a local football club.

We are proud to present our newest mobile application, which has been developed specifically for the management of a football club. This application, adapted to the specifics of our client, offers a number of functionalities that make it easier to manage the club, monitor player activities and create connections with fans..

Development of an idea

Every successful project starts with a spark of inspiration. In our case, the inspiration came from our client’s deep passion for football and the need for a more efficient way of managing the club. The development process began with a deep analysis of their needs and desires, researching best practices in the industry and creating a vision that would meet all their requirements..  

Collaboration and Analysis

After defining the initial vision, a phase of intensive cooperation with our client followed. Through a series of interactive sessions and workshops, we investigated their needs in detail, identified the challenges they face and defined the key goals that the application should achieve. This phase was key to gaining a deep understanding of the client’s needs and ensuring the development process was aligned with their goals.


Using the creativity and expertise of our design team, we designed a visual identity for the mobile app that reflects the passion for football. From the selection of colors and fonts to the design of icons and interface elements, every detail has been carefully planned to create an aesthetically appealing, but also functional interface that will provide users with a pleasant user experience.

Intuitive Navigation

One of the key goals was to ensure intuitive navigation through the application. We’ve carefully designed the layout of interface elements and interactions to give users easy access to all the app’s functionality, regardless of their experience level.


Our team of developers worked diligently to implement all the functionalities of the application, using the most modern technologies and tools to ensure a high level of performance, security and stability. Every functionality, from the integrated chat for the club management to the connection with the COMET system, has been carefully programmed and tested to ensure a flawless user experience..

Specific functionalities that make the mobile application special include:

  • Integrated chat for club management - Enables club management members to exchange information quickly and securely. This tool ensures instant communication between board members, which contributes to efficient decision-making and coordination of activities within the club.

  • No classic CMS - All aspects of the application are managed without the need for a classic CMS (Content Management System) - from creating users to publishing notifications - everything is done within the application itself. This ensures greater security and ease of content management, allowing the app admin to quickly and easily update information within the app.

  • Fan site - Fans can use the app to buy annual tickets and follow news about the club. This functionality provides fans with an easy and convenient way to participate in club activities and stay informed about the latest events and results.

  • Connection with COMET system - The integration with the central national system COMET allows the club and the users of the application to access all relevant information about match results and statistics. This functionality provides clubs with complete visibility over sporting events and enables them to make informed decisions based on current data.

  • Player statistics - The application enables monitoring of all relevant statistical data on players, including physical predispositions, attendance at training sessions and matches, as well as the number of goals scored. This functionality provides detailed insight into player performance, which helps coaches and managers make informed decisions.

  • Technology - The application was programmed using Flutter, a cutting-edge cross-platform framework for developing mobile applications. Flutter enables the rapid development of high-quality applications that run on multiple platforms, including Android and iOS. This technology brings numerous benefits, including excellent performance, fast interface construction, and easy maintenance and updating of the application.

  • Crashlytics i Analytics - The implementation of Crashlytics enables the identification and correction of the causes of application crashes, ensuring the stability and reliability of the application. On the other hand, Analytics allows monitoring the use of the application and identifying areas for improving the user experience. These tools are crucial for maintaining high application quality and provide important insights for further optimizations and upgrades.

Testing and Improvements

After the implementation, the application was subjected to thorough testing in order to identify possible shortcomings and improve its functionality. Open communication with the client allowed us to quickly implement their feedback and ensure that the application perfectly matches their needs and expectations..

Application launch

The launch of the mobile application marked the beginning of a new chapter in the digital transformation of our client. Through a global rollout, the app has become an indispensable club management tool, providing users with a simple and efficient way to track activities and connect with the club and community..

This mobile app is an opportunity to support our favorite local football club! We developed it with love and passion for football, and now we are donating it as a tool for better club management. With this free donation, we want to facilitate the club’s organization, communication between players and board members, and better communication with fans. We hope this app will contribute to the community and make our club even stronger and more successful!

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