Nacional News Corporation d.o.o., Zagreb, Croatia


Nacional as one of the leaders of independent journalism gave us the opportunity to participate in their growth - mobile application, websites and future projects

The idea had been there for a long time, but it never reached the point of realization. Nacional needed a mobile news app to keep up with the competition, and that request was quite complex because Nacional still has its own specific requirements for a mobile app that are different from others.


Considering the requirements, we first of all started with creating the design because the design is part of the mobile application project or any other IT project that is subject to endless changes. The design of the mobile application is a moment in the project that was primarily created due to possible changes and adjustments along with the presentation to the client.

The design was made in three themes;

  • basic theme - set of colors with white as primary
  • black/white theme - a set of colors emitted by the so-called DARK mob mobile application
  • cream theme - a color set that is popular in journalism and publications

Each user can adjust the theme they want to use through personal settings. In addition to the theme or color palette, there is also an adjustment for the visually impaired, so it is possible through the same personal settings to increase the text size as needed, regardless of the default settings of the mobile device.

The rest of the design of the mobile application is made in classic tabs and rows that have the ability to scroll in order to access news categories or specific articles as easily as possible.

Database and application management

Considering that Nacional already has a huge database and management of the same due to the web portal, the logical decision was to use it for mobile applications as well. The task was not at all easy because of the background, which was neither designed nor optimized for a mobile application. It was necessary to adapt the existing API as well as standard procedures for receiving data into the application. We can state that both tasks were completed successfully.

Mobile application

In terms of functionality, the mobile application is closer to the end user, so the following functionalities are available;

  • selection of news categories that you want to be informed about
  • overview of news categories and subcategories and news related to them
  • reading news and related articles
  • search for news by keywords
  • contracting a subscription to the digital or printed edition of the newspaper Nacional
  • login to your user account
  • settings management
  • sharing content on social networks or with friends
  • listening to Radio Nacional

Radio Nacional

In addition to everything else, we also created Radio Nacional’s website, because radio wouldn’t be radio if it didn’t have its own website with a live stream. Radio Nacional is the new brand of Nacional News, which certainly started to leave a strong mark on the area right from the start, mostly due to the impressive radio team.

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