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We have created a classic web shop that still has its own specifics

Categories, subcategories, articles and other classic levels of a web shop. General terms and conditions of business, terms of delivery and privacy rules as integral parts of every web store.

Specificities of this web shop were in the direction of filtering articles according to the sport for which they are intended, according to gender and according to color. Color is a very important factor in sports, and as we know, every sports club that is close to it has its own color or combination of colors.

Thus, we have implemented full variation management in the management part (CMS) of the client and, of course, in the web shop itself.

Complex Variations required a large amount of images in the variations to show the yellow jersey to the customer if they selected the yellow jersey. Variations also include sizes that are standard for web shops that sell clothes or shoes, but that’s not the end;

In addition to sales, the client is also engaged in silk-screen printing, and it is possible to order printing on the sports clothing itself. Printing is possible in the format of name and number or only name or only number. Of course, not all items in the web shop have this option, so there was additional programming work there as well. The cost of printing on jerseys is the third dimension of variation and is also divided into several groups.

Receiving such, multi-component orders through the management part is again a separate dimension of the web store.

We came out of this project richer for another experience with the knowledge that sport requires not only strength, but also intelligence.

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