City of Jastrebarsko, Jastrebarsko, Croatia

Jaska bike

Android and iOS mobile application for bicycle routes in the area of the city of Jastrebarsko

We are told that this mobile app for cycling routes looks great. And we agree that it looks great. The design of the application is actually very simple and the mobile application itself belongs to the group of the simplest mobile applications we have created. The attractiveness of the design is enhanced by several components, namely:

  • bottom menu icons
  • route marker icons
  • dark theme or color contrast black > neon blue > white
  • flat design without blocks  

So simple.

Users of the Jaska bike mobile application can view eight cycling routes and see their total length and weight on the route list. By entering the detailed overview of the route, other data of the cycling route are also displayed:

  • name
  • estimated time required to complete the route
  • total elevation difference
  • list of checkpoints
  • description of the cycling route
  • ability to download GPX file for use in other applications
  • display of the route on the interactive map  

Why would someone create or use a mobile application of this type in addition to Google maps and similar applications for navigation?

Primarily because classic navigation applications regarding routes are related to marked roads, trails or roads, while hiking or cycling routes usually pass through unmarked roads. In order to place such uncharted roads or show them on the map, it is necessary to carry out Geo location recording of the route in as many points as possible. The more points we have, the more precise the later drawing of the route on the screen is. Each route point is defined by its latitude and longitude.

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