Gipsmont - M d.o.o., Čakovec, Croatia

Gips IT

A business web application for managing the company's material, financial and human resources, extended by a mobile application

The purpose of this business application is to optimize business in terms of time and finances. The programmed components of this application system are the database, frontend web application and mobile application. In this case, both the web application and the mobile application were made in the same technology to avoid the need for REST API communication between them.

Apart from the large volume of programming work, our only challenge was to enable the client’s employees to enter points with a description on the technical drawings in .pdf format within the mobile application. Our previous experiences in creating bookkeeping and accounting applications certainly played a key role.

The most important functionalities that the client has in its web application interface are

  • creation of fiscalized and non-fiscalized invoices and offers
  • management of administrators, operators and users of the mobile application and their powers
  • management of the company’s assets, primarily in the form of accounting management through; warehouses, making receipts, expenditure of goods, inventories, intermediate warehouses and other documents
  • monitoring and management of stocks at construction sites
  • management of partners and their discount and rebate scales per item, group of items or in general and partner rights such as sale of goods with deferred payment
  • construction site management and communication with construction sites
  • managing blueprints and blueprints within the construction site
  • business logistics
  • management of mobile application users, generally employees, workplaces and work groups
  • marketing management
  • procurement management as a separate unit with the aim of maximum efficiency
  • strategic planning of company management through the review of analytics and statistics


Users of the mobile application have options to

  • inspect construction sites for which they have been authorized by the administrator
  • review the technical drawings related to the project and mark the points on the drawing for which they put a note and accompany it with a photo
  • inform the administrator about the need for additional material or other means of work
  • take over and debit goods or work tools in accounting
  • keep records of materials used on the construction site
  • log in and log out of the workplace (login)

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