A mobile application that automates and legalizes work in the gray zone for all professions

A mobile application that really directly connects employers and workers. The work schedule is such that, after registration, employers publish available jobs by location with the entry of several important segments of each job. Number of working days (five maximum), work address, number of working hours per day, job title and category (Trade, for example), hourly price (which cannot be below the minimum), dress code, detailed description of work tasks, method of payment.

After publication, the job appears on the Google map and in the search engine and workers can apply from their part of the mobile application. When it comes to the job search engine, the jobs with the closest location are at the top. The emphasis is that everything happens very quickly and concretely. A maximum of two employees can apply for each job. After registration, a chat is created between the worker and the employer for possible detailed agreements.

After the employee is accepted by the employer, the job disappears from the map. If the employee quits, the job is returned to the map. There is, of course, a system of PUSH notifications and reminders for both the employer and the employee.

Before an employee applies for a job, in addition to the job details, he has the opportunity to review the employer’s reviews given by previous employees. Also, after the work done, the employer must evaluate the employee with a rating from 1 to 5 with a comment within the mobile application.

Each user can be both an employee and an employer. So there are two versions of the mobile application, and the user is redirected according to the login information.

Mobile apps are monetized through employer posting charges. An employer can purchase one, five, or ten job postings. If the job ad does not result in finding a worker, there is no charge.

Web pages

Websites were created for the client that explain in detail how the mobile application works and are also used for marketing. We worked on website design, content and application and pre-order forms as well as advanced SEO. The websites also have a content management system (CMS) so that the client can manage the websites independently.

Digital marketing

The last but not the least, we also carried out a marketing campaign that included social networks, offline marketing and other online marketing in the form of Google Ads advertisements on the search network, on YouTube and on display networks. The digital advertising campaign turned out to be one of the better ones we’ve done because the topic of the campaign is certainly hot.

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