Exelisso d.o.o., Zagreb, Croatia


Web shop for the sale of consumables, paper goods, cleaning products and disposable packaging with an emphasis on wholesale (B2B) customers

Of course, the web shop is powered by our RedCode (CMS) management system based on the Laravel framework, or PHP if we’re talking about programming languages. Management system RedCode CMS gives the client wide opportunities for independent management and input of almost all data on the web shop itself. From creating, editing and deleting products, product images, product descriptions, its variations and similar or related products. Management of orders and their statuses, communication with customers, management of categories and subcategories as well as the schedule of categories and subcategories. We mustn’t forget the featured products as a sales tool. The client has the option of managing actions and of course choosing the primary and secondary price, i.e. currency, in the direction of introduction of the euro as currency. The general settings of the web shop such as contact information, name, logo, pictograms and the like are also included, as well as the management of general pages such as General Terms and Conditions, Blog and the like. Frontend (what customers see) is a hybrid of a ready-made theme and custom components, with the purpose of keeping the project within the budget while simultaneously meeting all requirements. The frontend is made in HTML format with the latest versions of CSS and JS support of course.

The result is a relatively low-cost web shop, yet additionally expandable in every direction in the future and of course without maintenance costs.

We also performed advanced SEO optimization on the specific web shop and we can conclude that the web shop generates serious income.

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