eIznajmljivaci is a web application for small renters of tourist facilities

The web application we created for the client conceptually performs most of the bookkeeping and accounting tasks for landlords. Made in the form of light SaaS, it offers enough autonomy to users so that excessive communication with support is not required. The web application has been developed for a year and is much more than just a web application. It is another system made up of a series of applications and sub-applications visible and invisible to users.

The system administrator has options through his CMS (management part)

  • user management
  • subscription management
  • website management
  • management of subscription packages
  • sending and receiving user messages from the system
  • impersonating a user for support purposes
  • processing of documents and payment orders  

This web application offers following possibilities to renters of tourist facilities

  • management of tourist accommodation facilities
  • issuing invoices for services provided to guests
  • calculation and commission calculation for sales channels such as Booking.com
  • preparation of the RPO form
  • statistics by year
  • traffic records including the EP form
  • creation and printing of payment slips with 2D barcode for all obligations to the Tax Administration
  • preparation and calculation of the payment slip for the renter’s VAT liability
  • creation and processing of the TZ form for all accommodation units managed by the landlord
  • archive of all relevant documents
  • overview of the history of created and canceled or deleted documents

In addition to the eIznajmljivaci web application, we also programmed presentation web pages which, in addition to registration of new users and registration of existing users of this tourism web application, also have an informative character and contain a list and detailed overview of subscription packages, answers to questions about why you should use eIznajmljivaci, application options, standard contact form, often asking questions with answers to them and of course BLOG.

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