Drink & pick

A mobile application for those who want to have fun and meet new people

Another project that we took over from fellow programmers, primarily due to the need to create an iOS version of the application. Since there was only an Android version of the app, it was necessary to create an iOS version completely from scratch. Of course, that version had to fully follow the flow, that is, the functionality of the Android version of the application, but adapted for mobile phones powered by the iOS system. Since we didn’t have to fix some previous versions of the application, we had our hands completely free to create a new version. And we did our best, as every time so far, to make the client (over)satisfied.

Management system (CMS)

We used the existing content management system and connected to it via API. It was necessary to make additional modifications and improvements, but as always, we did it in the best possible way.

Mobile application

Given that we used the existing design, which we further adapted to the requirements of the iOS system, as well as the existing CMS, in this project we focused on programming the front end of the application. In addition to the standard functionality of logging into the system, users in this application can choose between two options - DRINK and PICK.


The focus in this mode is on events, as well as hanging out with friends. You only need to select your favorite type of music, entertainment method, preferred location and the app will do the rest. In the DRINK mode, the user can connect with his friends, see where they are if they are logged in to one of the locations on the map, and communicate with them at any time.


This mode is basically used for dating - by filling out the profile (yours and the match person), the algorithm will do its job and offer you compatible users, and show their locations marked with green color. Of course, before starting communication, it is necessary to exchange a selfie with a compatible person, so that the user can be sure that the algorithm has done its job well :). So, stop wasting time sitting at home and chatting, download the app, go out and have fun!

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