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Welcome to the world of our latest mobile application for managing car model collections - specially customized and designed according to the wishes and needs of our valued client!

Through these lines, we want to share with you the journey we have taken together to create a digital experience that reflects the passion and love for cars.

Development of an idea

Every innovative project starts with a spark of inspiration, and in this case it was the client’s passion for collecting model cars.

Through a careful analysis of his needs and wishes, together we shaped the vision of a mobile application that not only facilitates the organization of the collection, but also provides a unique experience to users.

The idea was to create a tool that would bring enthusiasts together, allowing them to discover new models and share their passion with a global community of car models enthusiasts.

Exploring passion

The first step was a detailed research and analysis of the needs of car models enthusiasts.

We talked with our client about their favorite models, their preferences for organizing their collection, and the ways they would like to share their passion with others.

This key understanding helped us to shape the foundations of the application.

Defining goals

The phase of setting clear goals followed. We wanted to create a mobile app that not only makes it easy to keep track of the collection, but also encourages community among car models enthusiasts.

By setting goals, we had a clear vision of what to achieve.


With the design of the visual identity, we focused on creating an aesthetically attractive interface that will provide users with pleasure during mobile app usage.

Aesthetic elements

The design was guided by aesthetic elements inspired by the world of cars.

The choice of colors, lines and fonts was in harmony with the dynamism and elegance that car lovers appreciate.

We wanted to create an interface that is not only functional, but also exudes a passion for cars.

Intuitive navigation

We carefully developed the user interface to be intuitive for all users, regardless of experience level.

Each user element and icon had a specific purpose, which helped us to enabled smoothly transitions through the application.


The technical aspect of the development was crucial for achieving the defined goals. Developers used the most modern technologies to create an application that would meet functional and security standards.

Implementation of the functionalities

This was the phase in which we implemented all the functionalities defined in cooperation with the client.

Fast and secure exchange of information, the ability to add new models with ease and organization of the collection are set as priorities.

What we definitely have to point out are the technical functionalities that make this application successful and special:

  • User registration - for user registration, we use email address registration. Google Firebase Authentication is running in the background, which allows us to easily track users.

  • Picture galleries - serve to display cars from the collection. We have implemented a drag&drop function to make it as easy as possible for users to manage images.

  • Share option – Enables sharing of collections among users, in order to increase their mutual interaction. All you have to do is enter the email address of the user with whom you want to share the collection, and that’s it.

  • InApp Purchases – Implemented to facilitate monetization of the app itself. Includes in-app bundle purchase. Packages are very transparent and easy to choose, which makes it much easier for users to use.

  • Top list - we have implemented the ability to view the most active users, and that via the top list. With the possibility of numerous filters (by manufacturer, by type of vehicle, ratio…), it is very easy to see which users are the most active.

  • Android and iOS - the application is built using Flutter, a cross-platform framework for developing mobile applications. Choosing Flutter enabled us to develop quality applications for Android and iOS devices with the help of a single codebase

  • Self driven application – this application that does not use a CMS (Content Management System) to manage its content. Instead, the application uses its own code to manage content, such as user data, cars, etc. This makes the application more flexible and scalable than applications that use a CMS.

  • Push notifications – They are used primarily to notify users when collections are added and deleted. At the same time, the user can share with others his collections, wish lists, sale lists, and he can also share only individual car models, if he wishes.

  • Crashlytics and Analytics - Implemented as standard app monitoring tools as Crashlytics allows us to identify and fix the causes of app crashes, while Analytics allows us to monitor app usage and identify areas for improvement. The implementation of these tools allows us to improve the quality and user experience of our application.

Testing and improvements

Through thorough testing, we identified potential challenges and improved the application’s performance. Open communication with the client enabled us to quickly implement their feedback.

Placement on stores

After a successful development cycle, it was time to launch the app on Google Play and the App Store.

We have adapted the application to the specifics of each platform in order to ensure maximum visibility and accessibility. Global representation

The app launch marked the moment when our client was able to share his passion for cars with enthusiasts around the world. Through a global rollout, we hope the app will become one of the leaders in the digital space for car enthusiasts.

This holistic approach to mobile application development is the result of a collaboration that has led from the initial idea to the creation of a digital experience that has resonated with car models enthusiasts.

We are happy to have had the opportunity to work with our client to develop this unique mobile application for managing car model collections. We are always here to turn your ideas into reality and create digital solutions that reflect your passion and vision.

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