Contessa Villas

We created a system for an agency that rents luxury tourist facilities

This project is the largest project we have realized and is complex in every aspect. The creation itself took about two years, and the upgrades are constant and will continue for a long time to come. Travel agencies sell accommodation or travel on behalf of others. The sale of tourist accommodation for others primarily means that the websites that are their sales area should be up to par.

Contessa Villas websites are custom made and use very high technologies. Next.js in a concrete example that provides the convenience of using client-side rendering of web pages for the best speed and responsiveness. The websites are trilingual in English, German and Croatian. SEO is done the same way. Websites primarily offer visitors the possibility of booking accommodation, and to make everything more comfortable they have an overview;

  • objects that are the editor’s choice
  • overview of villas by characteristics such as family, by the sea, modern, rustic, with pool and villas by the beach
  • overview of special offers at special prices
  • overview of promotional offers
  • overview of information and articles about locations
  • there is also a search engine for tourist facilities, which we are particularly proud of because it is really precise and ensures that guests find exactly what they are looking for
  • the regional division of facilities is currently under construction

Behind the scenes there is a management system that enables the Contessa agency:

  • reservation management
  • management of channels to which reservations are synchronized (Channel manager)
  • management of availability calendars
  • management of seasonal prices
  • management of website content
  • management of locations and contents in the vicinity
  • management of icons and pictograms of possible object contents
  • management of accommodation capacities of tourist facilities
  • management of website categories including special offers, featured objects and the like
  • management of renters and the level of their access to the system for partner renters
  • management of accounting modules
  • overview and export of statistics by renter, facility, group of facilities
  • we also created an internal API that enables connecting the system to external systems
  • the eVizitor system for registering guests’ stay as well as the self check in module is also integrated
  • creation of special offers that are sent to guests by email directly from the system
  • management of contracts with landlords and types of contracts
  • and dozens of other functionalities

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