DinLokaleBodega, Ballerup, Denmark

Din Lokale Bodega

Mobile application for beer drinkers and other bars and cafes visitors

The mobile application project that we took over from Indonesian colleagues, primarily related to the tectonic changes brought about by the obligation to use a newer version of Java (version 18) for Android versions of mobile applications conditioned by the Google Play store.

Apart from Java, the rest of the code was also outdated, especially the part with the payment processor and 3DSecure transaction verification, which did not exist, and some users simply could not make payments anymore. In addition to classic payment for products and subscriptions via cards, we have also implemented ApplePay and Gpay as one-click payment methods.

We authenticate the user through Firebase, and there was also a need for a refresh in the form of adding a larger number of authenticators such as Sign in with Apple for iOS users and Sign in with Google. Logging in via Facebook also no longer worked because the application itself violated the standards and was disabled.

In addition to these obvious shortcomings, it was also necessary to optimize the rest of the code and improve the user experience. The decision was made to rewrite the entire application because patching and fixes no longer made sense.


As design standards have changed significantly since the last version of the application, which was released in 2020, and as the user’s workflow is also changing due to new functionalities, we started by creating a new design based on the old idea and visual identity. The new design served primarily to present the changes to the client, because a picture speaks a thousand words, and to our programmers to create the program code. The screens that have undergone major changes are;

  • Login to the application
  • User registration and verification of email address and phone number
  • Payment methods management - added possibility that credit cards can be added, edited and deleted even without the actual purchase process
  • Purchases history - an overview of the history of transactions has been added
  • Subscriptions and products are clearly separated
  • The ability to search by name was added to the list of bars
  • The current location of the mobile application user is actively used
  • The ability to navigate to the bar (café) has been added
  • The so-called Checkout during payment/collection has been upgraded to support and track 3D transaction verification

Management system (CMS)

We have also created a management system which serves to view statistics, generate and manage discount codes, manage bars, manage sponsors and the like. The management system for this mobile application is not the most complex, but it certainly makes everyday business easier for the client.

Mobile application

We created the mobile application for Android and iOS as standard, and adapted the screen display for both tablets and MacOS.

The product itself that users consume through the mobile application is primarily beer or another drink that can be consumed in one of the bars in the program. In total, the program includes more than 400 bars throughout Denmark.

Package “Permanent Guest” - The duration of the subscription is 30 days. One beer or coffee or soft drink every day.

One-time products;
Cards - The duration of the product is one year. One beer or coffee or soft drink every day, ten in total. After consuming ten drinks, it is possible to buy another ten. Shots - The duration of the product is 30 days. Ten spirits whenever and even all ten at once. After consuming ten spirits, it is possible to buy another ten.

The secret is that each subscription package is many times cheaper than buying a drink at a bar.

So - cheers!

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