Arges ERP

Accounting and cashier system that is our own product and offers great functionality at an unbeatable price

First of all, ArgesERP is something we have been working on day and night for three years. Something that no one who shouldn’t have known about until the moment of public announcement. If you are a flat-rate tradesman, a tradesman, a company or anyone of any other legal structure, you need a simple and reliable accounting program. If nothing else - you need a fiscal cash register. ArgesERP is all that and much more.

What this system puts ahead of others is certainly a fully functional mobile application for Android and iOS that users can use at no additional cost. They log in to the mobile application with the same data as in the web application. We have really taken the term mobile checkout to a new level. All you need is your mobile phone and a POS thermal printer.

The version for web shops, i.e. connecting to any web shop via API, is also part of the package.

A small section in our references is not enough to describe this project, but we will briefly describe the most important contents and functionalities:

  • through the registration itself, which consists in four steps, you will initially set up your data, business premises and payment devices through the fiscal structure
  • after registration you can try the DEMO fiscal cash register with almost all its functionalities
  • the front page of the application is something we have made a special effort to create and through which you can ask for support or write us a suggestion for improving the system
  • creation of fiscalized and non-fiscalized invoices and offers according to payment methods
  • the possibility of printing fiscal invoices and offers on an A4 or POS thermal printer or sending them directly to the partner/customer’s email address
  • self-uploading of the certificate for fiscalization in the setting of business hours
  • managing operators at the fiscal cash register
  • automatic transfer to the new business year and monitoring of the sequence of invoices and offers by the system
  • billing management in the form of creating automatic reminders for unpaid invoices that are sent using the system every 5, 10, 15 or 30 days
  • creation and editing of service and product catalogs in all tax classes
  • creation and editing of product and service groups for easier management
  • managing standardized products. Standardized products are usually products composed of several base products
  • creation and editing of external companies through partners, buyers, manufacturers and suppliers with whom you cooperate, and they are related to the possible printing of declarations and the like
  • creation and editing of receipts, which are an essential part of every company that needs warehouse management
  • there are, of course, inventories and interim warehouses as well as shipping and returns for larger systems that need more warehouses and the flow of goods between their warehouses
  • printing of declarations with a selection of data to print
  • of course, in this fiscal cash register it is also possible to print a list of accounts or all accounts in the period selected date from - selected date to
  • statistics in the form of data export through filters by partner, paid or unpaid invoices, as well as reviews of only paid or unpaid invoices. Overview of invoices and flow of goods by payment device or business premises and even by operator in a unit of time

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