Purchase Options

Monthly installment (buying on installments)

A very simple and practical way of purchasing websites, web shops, or mobile applications in 12 installments. When buying in 12 installments, the basic price is increased by 20%. The first installment is defined as the sum of the first installment and the price increase. After signing the installment purchase agreement and paying the first installment, we begin creating the ordered product, which can be used in a very short time, as if you had bought it with a one-time payment. You become the owner of the product after paying the last installment. Until the product is fully paid, it is located on our server.

Long-term lease

The leasing model for websites, web shops, mobile applications, and other products is becoming increasingly popular because it is possibly the most profitable and flexible method of acquisition. How does it work?

When signing a 12-month long-term lease agreement, you pay 30% of the basic price. After the desired product is created, or at the beginning of its use, the lease term begins. The lease price is 8% of the basic price per month. The key difference between buying on installments and long-term lease is that with long-term lease, the monthly price includes:

  • appropriate hosting (space for content on the web)
  • the content entered by the Lessee is the permanent property of the Lessee
  • 120 minutes of customer support per month
  • monthly SEO optimization (title, tag, and links)
  • correction of any errors detected by the webmaster console
  • monthly optimization of images and other multimedia content
  • monthly general control of the correct functioning of all modules
  • consulting service for actions to improve the position of the website, web shop, or mobile application

After the 12-month lease term expires, it can be extended for another 12 months, or the product can be bought out in permanent ownership at a price of 60% of the initial basic price. If the lease is not extended or the product is not bought out, the product is deleted along with the Lessee’s entered content.

Standard purchase

The purchase of our products in a standard manner. We usually work on a 40% + 40% + 20% basis. What does that mean specifically? 40% of the price is a down payment, 40% of the purchase price is paid during the beta phase of the project (the phase in which the buyer gains access to the project and can test it), and the remaining 20% of the price is paid upon delivery of the product. In this case, there is no price increase.

Conditions for granting preferential purchase terms

We reserve the right to refuse “Buying on installments” or “Long-term lease” if, at any given moment, business conditions or personal perception suggest that we do not enter into such agreements. Preferential purchase terms are generally possible for projects of higher monetary value.