Privacy Policy

Effective as of January 26th, 2023

Arges d.o.o., Preloska 117, 40000 Cakovec; OIB: 39712988809,

represented by Nikola Toplek as Service Provider and Data Processor, ; mail:


and each user is obliged to accept them through forms on this website in order to access services that require such consent – for example, making a financial offer for services or products.

Consent can only be used for the purpose for which it was given.


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1.By completing the contact form and placing a checkmark in the designated place, the user gives consent to the processing of data, which is an integral part of the service and without which it is not possible to complete the application process, or we are not able to provide the service.

2.User data may be processed for other legally determined and permitted purposes.

3.The user agrees that the service provider may use his personal data for promotional purposes related exclusively to its services and for the purpose of protecting legitimate business interests, or preventing abuse and fraud, in particular:

(1) for the purpose of general user support (consulting), improving sales and promoting the services and products of the service provider, and segmenting and researching the market in order to create new products and services of the service provider;

(2) for the purpose of direct promotion of services and products of the service provider in order to better inform the user about the offer of products and services of the service provider through written notices, e-mail, telephone, fax, text messages (SMS, MMS), direct contact by authorized sales personnel, etc. Direct promotion will apply exclusively to new offers from Arges d.o.o.

4.The user has the option to file objections to this type of contact by e-mail or telephone at 099 309 2121.

5.The service provider will not forward user data to third parties. The user agrees that the service provider may collect data related to him, which are collected for the purposes mentioned in the Privacy Policy and other data necessary for the fulfillment of the contract, outside the Republic of Croatia, in countries where data centers are located on which the application will be installed. The data centers are located in the European Union.

6.The user agrees that the service provider may disclose data to third parties for the purpose of collecting claims that it has against the user, all for the protection of the service provider’s legitimate business interest in reducing the risk of possible damage, reducing existing and future debt, as well as protecting the interests of the user.

7.The service provider is obliged to keep all data confidential, which it may become aware of in order to fulfill its obligations towards the user, and will provide appropriate data protection measures.

10.The Service Provider or User may not disclose confidential information related to or associated with the contract or offer to unauthorized persons or any third party without the prior written consent of the other party, which one party has entrusted to the other during the service delivery, and in particular may not disclose the above-mentioned information to direct or indirect competitors of the other party.

11.The User confirms that, in accordance with applicable regulations, he/she has been informed in detail about the processing of data and agrees with the methods of giving consent from the previous articles.

12.Any consent given in accordance with the provisions of these Privacy Rules may be freely revoked or restricted, in whole or in part (including with regard to the desired way of receiving promotional notifications), or used the “Right to be Forgotten,” by submitting a written request to the service provider in person, by email to or by phone at 099 309 2121.

13.The Service Provider is obliged to protect collected data in an appropriate manner against accidental loss or destruction, unauthorized access, unauthorized alteration, unauthorized publication, and any other misuse.


the user has any questions or complaints or wishes to exercise his/her rights, the Data Protection Officer can be contacted at the email address or by phone at 098 939 2179