A mobile application will improve your brand and market position. Always.

Mobile application

In today’s technological age and living "on the go", mobile applications can be used as a handy tool to attract new users, retain existing users and drastically improve your business performance.

Mobile devices are the most easily accessible source of information and are the tool with the highest level of interactivity with the user.

iOS and Android native mobile apps

We offer simple to complex solutions for all available mobile devices using any operating system such as Android (as well as the AppGallery version) or iOS.

We are able to develop mobile applications in native languages for any of the previously listed operating systems if a native mobile application is required. Native mobile applications are developed for one platform at a time. ie. Java / Kotlin for Android applications or Swift for iOS applications.

If You need a mobile application that will run on multiple platforms (including web and desktop versions), we prefer developing the application in the Flutter framework with Dart as a programming language.

Who needs a mobile app?

Not everyone needs a mobile app. The need comes from one out of two most common reasons. The first reason is to attract new and retain existing users, ie. as a marketing tool shaped as reward points collecting games, prize games, earning a bonus for just downloading an application, or similar.

The second part of the mobile application market refers to purposeful applications that realistically facilitate business or consumption of services by customers. These mobile applications include applications through which we directly order a service or product (such as a taxi or mobile application for a webshop), mobile applications for record-keeping, mobile applications used for authentification and authorization on entry points, mobile applications used for tracking goods and various book-keeping or accounting applications that are most often used internally.

What is the price of one mobile application?

That’s a tough question to answer and we will give our best to be as specific as possible; It is possible to develop a basic marketing mobile application for a starting price of 5 000,00 € not including VAT, while the price of the most complex mobile applications with many "screens", functionalities, and connections to multiple databases can be over 100 000,00 € not including VAT.

What do you really need when you need a mobile app?

You probably need more than just a mobile application, considering that mobile applications as Stand-alone products exist very rarely, almost never. Through the development of mobile applications, whether for Android, iOS, or both (most often), we came to the conclusion that each application actually comes with a system of related applications. The mobile application is usually the main part of the system that requires a management part (the so-called CMS), a presentation website, and an API that ensures that the mobile application works smoothly and exchanges data with the database in real-time.

The demand for mobile applications shaped us to develop mobile applications more than all other products combined. Mobile applications account for the largest number of development queries in general and we have already implemented numerous mobile applications in business systems for various purposes. Mobile applications are a "must-have" in all segments and certainly one of the main directions in which the development is going.

In the near future, the differences between mobile and desktop devices will disappear and we are ready. Mobile applications and websites built by us are ready as well. To achieve that we use all of the latest tools and technologies.

Technologies we prefer building with

PostgreSQL for database, Hasura for GraphQL API, Node.js for functions API, Next.js for the presentational website, Flutter for mobile application, and Flutter for the content management system (CMS). GraphQL is a technology that is yet to become synonymous with prestige, but it is standard in RedCode. How is it different from, say, WordPress or another language? In fact, it is not for comparison. Because it is a query language that offers optimized sending and receiving of results, resulting in higher speed information display. It allows us a modular mode of operation that again allows us very fast delivery times at the lowest price on the market, with the highest quality.

Example of mobile application 1 - mobile application for bicycle routes

Example of mobile application 2 - mobile application for WebShop (MobileShop)

Example of mobile application 3 - mobile application for fiscal cash register

Example of mobile application 4 - mobile application for bars and restaurants

Example of a mobile application 5 - a mobile application for sports volunteers

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