What is internet marketing or online marketing?

What is internet marketing or online marketing?
Find out why internet marketing is an important factor in getting potential clients.

Advantages of the Internet

There are a large number of people on the Internet every day, which is also a great place to present yourself, your services, products or something else.

Today everything is on the internet. Personal recommendations, handing out flyers or newspaper ads are no longer the only ways to create a brand and acquire potential clients, that is, they are no longer “in”.

Nowadays, every individual who is looking for a product or service, first gets information on the Internet about a possible service or product provider.

Types of marketing

There are two main types of marketing present in society: classical marketing (Offline marketing) and internet marketing (Online marketing).

Some of the ways of classical marketing are: sharing informative content (leaflets), hiring a traveling salesman, paying for ads on radio stations, newspapers or television programs. This way is becoming more and more tiresome and society has become fed up with it. Do you like it when commercials start on TV in the middle of a movie? Thus, an unwanted counter-effect is created.

The term Internet marketing (Online marketing) means advertising on the Internet, which is different from what it was before. The target audience for which the product or service is relevant. Those who are interested in your product or service. In order to do internet marketing well, it is necessary to spend much more time and knowledge than on classic marketing, but in the end, you get a much better result.

Both types of marketing have their advantages and disadvantages depending on the advertised product or service, but looking in general internet marketing is much more profitable than classic marketing precisely because of the, already mentioned, targeting of clients to whom it will be shown, and according to age, interests, place of residence and other characteristics.

Online advertising

EasyToWork Campaign

The reasons for doing good internet marketing are: Raising the company’s visibility on the largest and fastest growing market (the Internet) so that potential clients can find you more easily.

Facing the competition; because you know that you have a better service or product. Potential clients are more likely to choose a competitor’s service or product if they are online and you are not. To be seen is to enter the subconscious of customers. People buy from well-known brands because they feel safe.

If internet marketing is done professionally and with the study of the statistics of searched terms, you can get precise ads that aim exactly where they need to. With precisely defined ads, the return on invested funds comes very quickly because the ad is displayed only to people who are searching for the service or product you offer - so-called personalized ads.

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