What is AMP?
Find out what AMP is and why it matters in the modern world.

What is AMP

AMP is a project by Google (abbreviation for “Accelerated Mobile Pages”) that was created to speed up the loading of web pages on mobile devices.

Before AMP, web pages were loaded on mobile devices of the same weight, which is sometimes a problem due to the speed of the mobile Internet, which in many cases is not comparable to the speed of the wired Internet.

The reason why AMP is so much faster lies in the fact that it uses a very “simple” structure and initially loads only the text, and eventually the rest of the content that is needed.

AMP advantages

Some of the advantages of AMP are the high loading speed of pages written in it, which makes it great as an SEO plugin for a site. Among other factors for displaying search results, Google looks at the user experience on the page, and if you have a website written in AMP, the user experience will be greatly improved due to the speed of content loading.

Google isn’t the only one who doesn’t like slow websites. In most cases, when users come to a website that loads slowly, they will simply change their mind and go back to the search engine. They will look for another website to provide them with information, product or service just because the first page was not written in AMP.

AMP is not the only way to create a website, but those who want a high loading speed will choose AMP because AMP is far ahead of other technologies. Following some research, it can be concluded that almost half of potential clients leave the webpage if it takes more than three seconds to load.

How to recognize AMP

When you use an AMP mobile device, you can tell by the fact that pages written in AMP in Google search results have a small white lightning drawn on a gray background, and when you open them by the loading speed, which easily surpasses all other technologies.

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