How to Improve Business in Tourism with RedCode Web Design

How to Improve Business in Tourism with RedCode Web Design
Discover a new way to manage your accommodation properties.

How to optimize rental results?

The most important items when renting accommodation units are Internet marketing and presentation of the accommodation units, if you appear at the right time in the right place you will easily rent your apartment to tourists.

In order to appear at the right time, it is necessary to think ahead, it is best to start preparing for the next season at the end of the last one and invest the necessary capital to get the highest occupancy rate throughout the season. The sooner you start, the fewer potential guests you lose.

In order to find yourself in the right place, it is necessary to advertise where potential guests of your apartments are located, and that is definitely the Internet today. Most foreign tourists come through online rental apartment services. The most famous such online services are and AirBnB.

In order to make reservations with these online services and not have overlapping guests in the apartments, it is necessary to synchronize all reservation services to one calendar. It is also necessary to set rules for reservations in order to avoid guests overlapping.

What is the simplest solution for all the mentioned problems?

The simplest solution is to use a smart system that can:

  • Reduce the time needed to set up apartments on reservation services.
  • Reduce the time needed to keep track of arrivals and departures of tourists.
  • Reduce the time needed to keep track of reservations.
  • Reduce the time needed to keep track of guests.
  • Solve the problem of registering guests on the eVisitor system.
  • Solve the problem of double booking on an apartment on a certain date.
  • Solve the problem of fiscalization and much more.

RedCode Landlord System

A novelty on the market because it is not just a website for apartments but a complete solution for managing and renting apartments.

Some of the advantages of the RedCode Landlord System are:

  • Integrated guest registration in eVisitor, synchronization of reservations with services such as and AirBnB, possibility of payment via PayPal, cards or bank transfers.
  • Adding or deleting apartments, defining apartment prices according to the season, adding apartment features, defining location on the map, adding photo and video galleries.
  • Viewing reservations on a calendar, list of paid and unpaid reservations, contact with the person who made the reservation, possibility of changing the reservation period.
  • Adding guests, viewing all guest data, saving digital form of guest documents in the system, statistics of previous reservations per guest.
  • Adding special offers, defining prices for special offers, adding photos and videos to special offers.
  • Adding additional services you provide, prices for those services and photos and videos of services.
  • Possibility of self-entering translations into other languages.
  • Possibility of selecting apartments to be displayed on the content exchange (slider), possibility of defining title and subtitle text.
  • Viewing all receipts and expenses depending on the type of payment, viewing receipts and expenses for a certain period of time and statistics of receipts and expenses.
  • Viewing invoices, adding invoices, printing invoices, invoice statistics and most importantly invoice fiscalization.
  • Possibility of sending apartment offers or newsletters to previous guests and users who sign up for the newsletter on your website.
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